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Showing 1 - 24 of 26 products
Bamiyeh with rice and meat
Bazella with rice, carrots and meat
Copy of Loz and Sucar Bag of 20 Meals,
Eggplant Makloube
Loz & Sucar Eggplant Makloube
Sale price$14.00
Fattouch with Olive Oil
Loz And Sucar Hummus
Sale priceFrom $4.00
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Jordanien Mansaf (One Serving)
Kibbeh with Yogurt
Lamb thigh served with rice
Loubieh with meat
Loz & Sucar Loubieh with meat
Sale price$14.00
Loz and Sucar Bag of 10 Meals
Loz and Sucar Bag of 15 Meals,
Loz and Sucar Bag of 5 Meals
Mansaf chami (1 Kg)
Loz & Sucar Mloukhieh
Sale price$40.00
Ouzi (Dozen)
Loz & Sucar Ouzi (Dozen)
Sale price$50.00
Ouzi mix
Loz & Sucar Ouzi mix
Sale price$14.00
Loz & Sucar Pizza
Sale price$0.00
Shish Barrak
LozandSucar Shish Barrak
Sale price$30.00
Stuffed Cabbage
Loz & Sucar Stuffed Cabbage
Sale price$45.00
Stuffed sheep sausages (Fawaregh)
Stuffed Vines leaves
Stuffed Zucchini (Cousa)
Syrian Mansaf with Chicken

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